Olive Acres Montessori Elementary Class

Elementary Class

In Montessori, we believe that a child learns best within a collaborative, social environment that respects each child’s unique development. Your child will be part of a small class in an environment ready for exploration and discovery that allows them to work at their own pace, individually or collaboratively with each other, guided by caring, trained adults who understand them deeply.

Academically, our students leave with a strong foundation in all subject areas that comes from having learned by experimenting for themselves. They understand that “not getting something right” is not failure, but a creative opportunity for further investigation.

The starting point for all courses of study is the “Great Lessons”, impressionistic and scientific stories giving your child the “big picture” of astronomy, earth science, geography, physics, biology, history, anthropology, cultural and social studies, language, math, music, and art. This way your child will gain a much deeper understanding of concepts as meaningful learning happens when children understand the “why” as much as the “what” as well as being inspired to learn even more on their own.

Your child will study both broadly and deeply, covering many subjects not attempted in conventional schools. Your child will collaborate with the teacher to ensure that work is challenging, and purposeful and basic standards are met. We believe children learn to be adaptable by supporting them to solve their own problems, rather than solving problems for them developing flexibility, resilience, and grit.

The elementary teacher is an “Enlightened Generalist” meaning that teachers have a broad knowledge of all subject areas to help your child discover interests in any area imaginable and challenge him/her to deepen the field of study through research.

Elementary age children have a strong drive for social connection and a need to develop deeper friendships and a connection to the community around them. Group work and collaboration on follow up projects and research into subjects of intense interest will support your child in this crucial stage of development resulting in teamwork, independence and become part of a true learning community.