Olive Acres Montessori

We are a Christian Montessori school that believes in the value of every child who enters our community. The Montessori learning approach engenders curiosity, intuitiveness and enlightenment driven by discovery, accessing not only academic, but also creative and physical development so that they are developed as a whole person. We envision a future where children transition into confident and eager to learn, responsible individuals in their community.

Authentic Montessori
Christian Values

We offer programs in the following categories

Toddler Community

1 to 3 yr olds

Early Childhood

3 to 6 yr olds


7 to 12 yr olds

Our focus

We envision a future where children transition through the development stages to adulthood as confident and eager to learn individuals.

Olive Acres Montessori School Student Materials

The Prepared Environment

Our vision is to create an environment favourable for each child to reach their full potential. This is shown by the care taken to prepare beautiful and orderly classroom environments, providing hands-on learning via Montessori materials, joyful learning experiences and modelling of Christian values​

Parent's Involvement

The growth and development of a child is the responsibility of the parent and school community as a whole. Each plays an important role that cannot be substituted. We work closely with parents and hold regular parent engagement events to strengthen this partnership.

Olive Acres Montessori
Olive Acres Montessori

Character Development

We seek to create an atmosphere where everyone recognizes their responsibilities, shows tolerance and respect for each other. We help your child develop essential skills for success in life.

Future Prospects

We are working hard to expand our offering into secondary school level as well as widen our sports and music programs.