Olive Acres Montessori

Our Core Values

A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.


As a Christian School, it is essential to have God at the hear of all we do, placing value on a growing personal relationship with Him. This supreme value often expresses itself quietly in the lives of the leaders and other believers in the organisation. It involves depending on God, and demonstrating this dependence as we worship, pray and seek direction from Him. Such dependence is also typically shown in a sense of peace in our work.


We value the health and growth of the individual we serve with over financial and numerical growth. These are our teachers, the non teaching team, the parent, the child and our suppliers.Our staff are our greatest asset, our lead measure.
Our greatest return comes from raising, developing, equipping and becoming missional teachers.


We are constantly pursuing improvment of everything in our organisation, people and systems.
We believe that we should setup systems that enable us be good stewards and to provide the very best services and products that God will be glorified through our work.


Growth is a reward for excellence in service and the value we provide for our clients.
So we will pursue growth by serving excellently and providing exceptional value to the person in front of us.


As a school, our mandate is to prepare our children to thrive in the future.
We embrace the challenges that come our way and are open to make the required change to meet them. We recognise the changes in technology, learning styles, career choices and social norms without compromising on Biblical values.