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Our Story

Founders of Olive Acres Montessori

About 10 years ago Tricia and I had our first baby and began thinking seriously about the education of our then one year old. We quickly realised that the kind of education we wanted to give our baby was out of our reach financially and we did not also have the confidence that it would have the environment for Christian training. So blessed with a teacher in the family we (Tricia) embarked on a journey to find the right curriculum and teach our kids.

It took some time searching and trying out different curriculums until we landed on one that could cater to our now three girls who had different learning styles and that was the Montessori curriculum. It was perfect because it allowed all of them to thrive. Also by this time our little home project had been joined by some friends who brought their kids to study with ours.

One time as the space grew smaller, I started asking my self questions.
Especially checking why we started this, and I remembering that it was for just for our kids.

Along the way as I battled these questions even in prayer, I remember God saying to me “You know Ken, there are parents out there just like you and Tricia who are passionate about the development of the God given gifting in their children but might not have the same opportunity and time to do it. They have different responsibilities that don’t allow them that opportunity to be available to teach and supervise learning.”

And I felt that God wanted Tricia and I to take what we where doing with our kids and make it available for others who he brought our way.

And Olive Acres Montessori was born.

And so at Olive Acres Montessori, we say we are partnering with like minded parents to nurture the whole child.

If you are that parent that I have described above we will be happy to come alongside you in the nurturing of your child.

You can reach us on for an in-depth tour of our programs.