Assistants to Infancy

Who we are

Olive Acres Montessori is a learning community committed to providing an inclusive, caring and supportive environment where excellence and academic achievement are valued.

Learners will be challenged to achieve their potential through competency-based programs focused on building the knowledge, skills and values for a productive life as a member of society. We value the broad and balanced Montessori philosophy, which our staff offers, and all children can access not only academic, but also creative and physical development areas of the extra curricula so that they are developed as a whole person. The learning approach engenders curiosity, intuitiveness and enlightenment driven by discovery as a child exercises their five senses and interacts with their environment. The school strives to build a child’s confidence and cognitive capability by allowing for a child to discover and practice by doing. Olive Acres envisions a future where children transition through the development stages to adulthood as confident and eager to learn individuals.

We strive to promote a safe and happy community. In order to keep the school safe and happy, we seek to create an orderly atmosphere where everyone recognizes their responsibilities, shows tolerance and respect for each other.


At Olive Acres Montessori we aim to create an environment favourable for each child to reach their full potential by applying the Montessori method and Christian values.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with parents who are passionate about seeing the unique gifting in their children developed.