Olive Acres Montessori

School Admission

In order to be ready, here is a list of school requirements so that our children will be ready for the best hybrid learning experience.

School Admission Requirements

  1. New students are required to pay an admission fee worth Ugx200,000 to cover interview and admission cost.
  2. Copy of your child’s birth certificate
  3. 1 passport size photograph of your child
  4. 1 passport size photograph of each parent and of parents’ representative (allowed to pick and drop your child)
  5. Photocopy of National ID of each parent and of parents’ representative (allowed to pick and drop your child
  6. Signed copy of school rules and regulations, photo release form and internet parental consent form

School fees structure

School fees per term is 2,200,000 Uganda Shillings for the Toddler class (1-3yrs), 2,400,000 Uganda shillings for the Primary class (3-6yrs), and 2,500,000 Uganda shillings for the Elementary class (7-12yrs). Tuition rates cover all education materials, meals and snacks, co-curricular activities like swimming, music, and soccer. You will not be required to pay extra for these activities.

School Fees are to be paid directly into our bank in full including bank charges of 2500/-. Kindly send a copy of the bank deposit to the school administrator at enrol@oliveacresmontessori.com

School Uniforms

The dress code for our students is a tie-dyed polo shirt and dark blue jeans for daily use, and white button-down long sleeved shirt with navy blue Khaki pants/pinafore dresses for formal wear. All shirts and sweaters have the Olive Acres Montessori logo.

School Sports Uniform

The cost of sports uniform is from Ugx40,000 to Ugx50,000.

Olive Acres Montessori School Student Materials